Mommy and Me 

Through music, rhythm and sound, participate in strength-building exercises, body awareness and coordination activities, and other skills that focus on your baby’s development. Through age appropriate and safe sensory/art experiences your child’s senses are stimulated and this strengthens all types of learning..Parents engage their tots with lap songs and baby-friendly instruments while mingling with other local moms and dads and having an all together fun time!


2 Year Old Class

Our 2 year old program is designed to help children develop a positive attitude toward the school environment and help encourage independence from their parents. We focus on intellectual development, social skills, fine and gross motor development.  Cognitive skills such as color recognition and shape awareness is part of the daily learning process throughout the year. Children learn through both experiencing their environment and teacher directed activities. Most of all we provide a warm and fun place that children love to come to every day

3 Year Old Class

​The 3 year old class also centers on cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills while also concentrating on social and emotional development. A more in depth curriculum of Hebrew language, letter recognition , early math and science are an integral part of the program to ensure that each child has a well rounded nursery school experience. Making sure that every child enjoys their learning in a fun and loving setting is a top priority